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About LingoStar


LingoStar is a global provider of language services based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We are committed to providing high-quality foreign language services to clients across Canada, the USA, and Europe through a network of reliable language professionals.

We meet the growing demand for certified translation services by constantly updating our global database of professional translators. We can facilitate accurate and quick translations of your official document(s) that meet your specific requirements, including, but not limited to, documents required for immigration, school or program applications, job applications, visas, travel permits, business contracts and divorce and other legal cases, in over 50 language combinations.


To ensure that you are more than satisfied with your certified translation, we have the following quality assurance procedures in place:

• We meticulously select and evaluate certified translators, reviewing qualifications for the requested background and experience and checking with the appropriate organizations that they are qualified to work on your translation.

• All translated files are spot-checked by our multilingual team, who review the text for accuracy including mistranslations, missing information, incorrect or inconsistent spelling, typos, and formatting issues; plus we make sure the proper procedures are followed so that the document is accepted by the authorities.

• All spot-checked files are returned to the translator for a final review and a clean copy of the translation in its final electronic format is submitted to LingoStar.

• Once the final approved files are delivered to LingoStar, they are quality checked again prior to final delivery to the client.

• Clients may request a final review of the translated document before mailing, and/or a scan of the certified hard copy for their reference.

• All certified hard copies are mailed to the client using Canada Post – Xpresspost (within Canada) or International Express Mail (US to Canada/Canada to US) to ensure that a tracking number is provided and the delivery service is expedited to approx. 2-4 business days.

• Project managers are available to answer any linguistic or technical questions at any time throughout the quoting and project management phases.

• Additional copies of your certified translation can be provided upon request.

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