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How to order a quote

Certified Translation Services Toronto | Vancouver | Ottawa | Montreal

LingoStar was established as a translation company in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 2004. Today we provide certified translation services in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary and all across Canada.

You qualify for an instant online quote if you:

  • Require a certified translation in one of the language combinations listed below.
  • Each of your documents contains less than 4 pages.
  • Each of your documents contains less than 600 words or characters.
  • You require shipping within Canada.
  • You can wait 5-10 business days for your certified hard copy.

If your requirements do not meet the above criteria, please email us at for a quote.

To receive an instant online quote, please follow these steps:

1. Choose your Document type.

• Click on your Document type from the Store menu or Home page.
• Enter one type of document at a time.
• EXAMPLE: If you have a Birth Certificate, click on the ‘Birth Certificate’ button. If you have another type of document, you will enter the information for that document later. If you have more than one of the same type of document, enter information for one and use the Quantity field later to indicate the number of documents.

2. Choose the Language Pair and select your Page type.

• If your language pair does not appear in the menu, please contact us at for a quote.
• Count the number of pages in your document. The reverse side of a document counts as a page if there is text on it that requires translation, e.g. notarization stamps/signatures.
• All documents are charged by the page for up to 4 pages. If you have more than 4 pages in your document, please contact us by email at for a quote.
• Enter information for Page 1. Page 1 will always display a minimum charge of $70 for the first page of any document.
• EXAMPLE: if your document only has 1 page, you’ll select:
• Page 1 as Minimum charge $70
• Page 2 as I don’t need this page
• Page 3 as I don’t need this page
• Page 4 as I don’t need this page
• Enter information for Pages 2, 3 and 4. Select a value depending on the number of words per page.
• EXAMPLE: if your document has 2 pages and the second page has 200 words, you’ll select:
• Page 1 as Minimum charge $70
• Page 2 as 150-250 words $50
• Page 3 as I don’t need this page
• Page 4 as I don’t need this page
• You must count all numbers, dates, codes, names, etc. even if you don’t think they require translation. The translator has to reproduce all of the text in the translation so every word or number has to be counted.
• If the document is in an Asian language, please count the number of characters.
• If the document is bilingual and the text is identical, you only need to count the one language you would like us to translate from.
• EXAMPLE: if you have a Canadian birth certificate that is in both English and French and you need it translated to another language, you only need to count the English text.
• The maximum number of words or characters per page is 600. If you have more than 600 words on a page, please email us at for a quote.

3. Total Cost of Document

Once you have entered a value for all 4 pages, a total cost for your document will appear, excluding tax and any additional fees. At this point, if you have two or more similar documents, you can choose a quantity of 2 or more in the provided field.

4. Select Add to Cart

Review your Cart at the top right of the page.

5. More documents to translate?

Simply go to the Store page again, select another Document (e.g. Police Record) and repeat the procedure above.

6. Finished shopping?

Review your Cart and proceed to checkout. Here you will see a total cost for all of your certified translations. If you would like to proceed with our services, please continue. If you have any questions, please see our FAQ page or email us at

7. Upload Files

Please upload scans of your original documents. Only high-quality scan copies will be accepted. If you do not have a high-quality scan copy available, please go to a professional print shop to have it done. We do not accept original documents, photocopies or faxes at our office.
• Files can be uploaded one by one, or if you have multiple documents, in a zip file.
• Please ensure that there is no text cut off or missing in your scan and that all text is legible. Illegible or missing text will not be translated and will be marked by the translator as [illegible].
• Legal size pages must be scanned to Letter size and appear complete on one page only.
• Passport stamp translations require that every page of the passport be scanned in high-quality colour and attached to the translation, including all blank pages.

8. Payment

• Fill out your Billing address and Canadian Shipping Address.
• Choose whether you wish to pay by cheque, credit card or PayPal, and make the payment.
• All payments must be received in Canadian dollars and in advance.

9. Shipping Expenses

Please note that shipping is only available within Canada. If you require a shipment outside of Canada, please email us at for more information. A shipping fee of $19.00 CAD for mailing by Canada Post – Xpresspost (2-4 business days within Canada) plus tax will be calculated per language combination. You’ll receive your Xpresspost tracking number by email once the translation has been shipped to you.

10. Delivery Time

Upon receipt of payment, we’ll initiate your certified translation and contact you if we have any questions. Once the translation has been completed and approved by our quality control team, your hard copy with a declaration and seal/stamp from a Canadian certified translator will be mailed to you. Please allow 5-10 business days from when the payment is made to receive your certified hard copy.

We specialize in certified translations of a wide range of documents in the following language combinations:

Albanian to English English to Albanian
Arabic to English English to Arabic
Catalan to English English to Chinese
Chinese to English English to Croatian
Croatian to English English to Czech
Czech to English English to Dutch
Danish to English English to Farsi
Dutch to English English to Finnish
Farsi to English English to French
Finnish to English English to German
French to English English to Greek
German to English English to Hebrew
Greek to English English to Hindi
Hebrew to English English to Hungarian
Hungarian to English English to Indonesian
Hindi to English English to Italian
Indonesian to English English to Japanese
Italian to English English to Korean
Japanese to English English to Macedonian
Korean to English English to Malay
Macedonian to English English to Polish
Malay to English English to Portuguese
Polish to English English to Punjabi
Portuguese to English English to Romanian
Punjabi to English English to Russian
Romanian to English English to Serbian
Russian to English English to Serbo-Croatian
Serbian to English English to Slovak
Serbo-Croatian to English English to Spanish
Slovak to English English to Swedish
Spanish to English English to Tamil
Swedish to English English to Thai
Tamil to English English to Turkish
Thai to English English to Ukrainian
Turkish to English English to Urdu
Ukrainian to English English to Vietnamese
Urdu to English
Vietnamese to English

If your requirements do not meet the above criteria, please email us at for a quote.