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FAQ | Certified Translation Services

What is a certified or official translation?

A certified translation or official translation is a translation of an official document such as a birth certificate, driver’s license, marriage certificate, diploma, etc. A certified translation or official translation is generally required for legal or immigration purposes.

What makes the translation ‘certified’?

A certified translation is one that is done by a certified translator. The certified translator is authorized to provide certified translations of official documents and issued a seal or stamp by the organization to which they are a member. The certified translator will affix their seal or stamp to the certified translation and include a ‘Translator’s Declaration’, which states that the certified translation is true and accurate to the best of their knowledge.

I can translate this myself, can you just ‘certify’ it?

Translations done by non-certified translators are not accepted as certified translations or official translations by governing bodies. They must be translated from the beginning by an accredited, certified translator who is registered with a certified translators’ and interpreters’ organization and who can provide a Translator’s Declaration and seal or stamp. We cannot ‘certify’ an existing translation as it must be completed entirely by a certified translator.

Will my certified translation be accepted by Immigration Canada?

Yes, our Canadian certified translators meet all requirements by Immigration Canada and other governing bodies so you can rest assured that your certified translation will be accepted for legal and immigration purposes.

Will my certified translation be accepted by foreign governments?

If you require certified translation for a country other than Canada, please contact us directly at for a quote. Foreign governments often mandate that translations be certified AND notarized by a notary public and these additional services require additional fees.

Will my certified translation be accepted by the courts?

If you require certified translation for court cases in Canada, please contact us directly at for a quote. Court requirements often mandate that translations be certified AND notarized by a notary public and these additional services require additional fees.

How do I get a quote for certified translation services?

Please see the ‘How to Order’ page for detailed instructions on how to get an Instant Online Quote. If your translation requirements do not meet the criteria for an Instant Quote, please email us at with your contact information including your full name, phone number, mailing address, the language pair, purpose of the certified translation, and deadline. Please attach ALL source document(s) to your email.
We will review your documents and email you a quote within 1 business day with our estimated cost and turnaround time, as well as payment details. If you choose to proceed with our certified translation services, payment is required in order to confirm the project.

Can I drop my documents off at your office?

No, we do not accept original documents at our office. Please scan the documents and upload them to our website through the Instant Quote option, or email them to us at

I don’t have scan copies of my documents, how do I get those?

If you have access to a scanner, please scan the documents, front and back. If you don’t have access to a scanner or your documents are legal size, please go to a professional print shop like Kinko’s and have them scan the documents for you. Any text that is cut off or illegible will not be translated so please get the highest-quality scan possible. Passport stamp translations require that every page of the passport be colour scanned, including any blank pages.

I have more files than are allowed for uploading on your site, how do I get those to you?

You can zip your files up into a zip file so you only have to upload one file containing all of your documents. To zip your files, select them all, right-click and choose ‘Send to’ and then ‘Compressed (zip) folder.

I don’t have the document(s) available yet. Can I still get a quote?

You can get an Instant Quote for certified translation services if you provide enough information about the document(s) (e.g. number of pages, word count, etc.) but it may need to be adjusted upon receipt of your final source document(s) and requirements.

How do I proceed with LingoStar's services?

Please make full payment in order to confirm your certified translation project. You can do this by following the instructions on the ‘How to Order’ page.

How do I make a payment for my certified translation?

Payment can be made online with a credit card or PayPal account, or by cheque.

1) Click on the ‘Paypal’ button on the bottom, right-hand side of the home page.

2) Under ‘Your Order Summary’, enter amount to pay in ‘Item Price’ and click ‘Update’.

3) You will be given the option to log in to your PayPal Account, or you can choose ‘Pay with credit card.’

4) Enter your credit card information in the appropriate fields and click ‘Review Order and Continue’ and then ‘Pay Now’.

5) Kindly send us an email once payment is made to ensure that your payment is received.


Please make cheque payable to LingoStar Language Services Inc. and mail to:

LingoStar Language Services Inc.
4950 Keith Rd.
West Vancouver, BC
V7W 2N1 Canada
Please note that we cannot initiate your certified translation project until payment is received. For this reason, most clients choose to pay online so that their payment can be processed instantly.

How is the price of the certified translation calculated?

The price is calculated according to the language required, number of pages, and word count per page.

Can you give me a rough idea of the price for certified translation of a one-page document? Is there a minimum charge?

Yes, there is a minimum charge of $70 plus tax for a one-page document.

There are a lot of numbers and dates in my document. Will I be charged for these?

Yes. The word count includes all numbers, dates, codes, etc because the certified translator has to re-type everything into the certified translation. However, a string of numbers (e.g. 2834873927) or a date (11/12/75) is considered one word.

A translation has already been provided for some of the text on my document. Will I still be charged for this text?

Yes. You will be charged for all of the source text, regardless of whether or not a translation is already provided on the document. The reason for this is that the certified translator still needs to provide their translation on the certified copy and they may choose to replace the existing translation with their own.

How long does it take for a certified translation to be completed?

Our standard turnaround time for certified translations is 5-10 business days including mailing by Canada Post – Xpresspost.

I am in a rush. Is it possible to have my certified translation done by tomorrow morning?

Please contact us directly at with your documents attached and your deadline and we will issue you a rush quote. Please note that we require a minimum of 24 hours to complete a rush translation and you may still have to wait 2-4 business days for the certified hard copy in the mail.

How will I receive the certified translation?

The certified hard copies of your documents will be mailed to you by Canada Post – Xpresspost, which typically 2-4 business days within Canada. You will receive a tracking number by email when your translation is shipped.

I don’t live in Canada but I need a certified translation for Canadian authorities, can you ship them directly to the authorities?

Yes. You can provide us with the Canadian mailing addresses and we will ship your certified translations directly to them. However please note that if you need to submit additional documents with your certified translations like certified copies of your originals or other documentation, you will have to ship those to the authorities separately.

I don’t live in Canada but I need you to ship the certified hard copies to me, can you do that?

Unfortunately we cannot ship certified translations outside of Canada. However if you live in the U.S., please contact us at for mailing options.

I need multiple copies of my certified translations sent to different Canadian locations, can you do that?

Yes. You can order as many copies as necessary of your certified translations and provide us with the Canadian mailing addresses and we will ship your certified translations directly to the authorities. However please note that if you need to submit additional documents with your certified translations like certified copies of your originals or other documentation, you will have to ship those to the authorities separately.

What does a certified translation look like?

Certified translators try to maintain the layout of the original document. However, some elements such as stamps and signatures are rendered just as text. The certified translator will affix their seal or stamp and include a declaration in the form of a header/footer or separate page.

How can I be sure that my certified translation is accurate?

Our quality assurance procedures include thorough spot-checking of your documents by our LingoStar team to ensure that all information has been transferred accurately. For long legal documents, we acquire the services of a second qualified translator to edit/proofread the certified translation.

I want the translation to use specific terminology, can I send this to you?

Any suggestions/concerns regarding the way a particular phrase or word is translated will be discussed with the translator, however please note that because the certified translator is attesting to the accuracy of the translation, he/she is legally obligated to make the final decision on the translated text.
Proper English spelling of persons’ names must be provided to us upon project confirmation to ensure that the spellings match your existing documentation.
Wherever there is a dispute between the translator and the client regarding a particular translation, the translator will have the final say on the translation.

Do you provide certified and notarized translation services?

Yes. The certified translator will bring the certified translation to a notary public, who fills out an affidavit and/or stamps and signs the documents. For notarized translations, please contact us at Notarized translations are not supported by our Instant Online Quote.

Are there extra fees for notarization?

Yes, please advise if you require notarization so we can include the fees on your quote.

What is an affidavit?

An affidavit is a document that sometimes needs to accompany official documents. The affidavit usually needs to be filled out by the certified translator and signed and/or stamped by a notary public. We refer to this as ‘notarization’ service. Please advise if you require certified and notarized translation services when you request a quote, as additional fees apply.

Do you provide Driver’s License translation services?

Yes. Driver’s Licenses need to be translated by certified translators who belong to the provincial organization that pertains to the province you currently reside in. For example, if you live in Ontario, your translation must be done by a certified translator who resides in Ontario and is registered with the appropriate association in Ontario. Use our Instant Quote service to order a Driver’s License translation.

Do you provide certified translations by ICBC approved translators?

Yes, we have a large database of certified translators in most language pairs that are approved by ICBC.

Do you provide additional copies of certified translations?

Yes, we would be happy to ask the certified translator to issue and mail you as many certified hard copies as you need. Please note that there are fees for each additional copy. Just choose the product Extra certified copy from our Store, the number of copies needed and add it to your Cart.

Do you charge taxes on your services?

Yes. If you live in Canada, you will be charged your provincial sales tax and this amount will be calculated when you go to the checkout. If you do not live in Canada, you will not be charged tax.

What currencies do you accept?

All of our pricing is in Canadian dollars.

Are my documents safe?

We will treat all documents as confidential and we take the issue of confidentiality and privacy protection very seriously. Personal and corporate data are not revealed to third parties. All LingoStar linguists are bound by a confidentiality and corporate non-disclosure agreement. LingoStar project managers and spot-checkers also follow strict internal guidelines regarding clients’ confidentiality and privacy protection. If required, LingoStar and any team members working on your translation project will be bound by your Confidentiality, Privacy and Security Agreement. LingoStar also agrees not to disclose or duplicate any information provided by the client.


Which language pairs do you provide certified translations in?

We specialize in certified translations of a wide range of documents in the following language combinations:

Albanian to English | English to Albanian
Arabic to English | English to Arabic
Chinese to English | English to Chinese
Croatian to English | English to Croatian
Czech to English | English to Czech
Dutch to English | English to Dutch
Farsi to English | English to Farsi
Finnish to English | English to Finnish
French to English | English to French
German to English | English to German
Greek to English | English to Greek
Hebrew to English |    English to Hebrew
Hungarian to English | English to Hungarian
English to Hindi | Hindi to English
Indonesian to English | English to Indonesian
Italian to English | English to Italian
Japanese to English | English to Japanese
Korean to English | English to Korean
Macedonian to English | English to Macedonian
Malay to English | English to Malay
Polish to English | English to Polish
Portuguese to English | English to Portuguese
Punjabi to English | English to Punjabi
Romanian to English | English to Romanian
Russian to English | English to Russian
Serbian to English | English to Serbian
Serbo-Croatian to English | English to Serbo-Croatian
Slovak to English | English to Slovak
Spanish to English | English to Spanish
Swedish to English | English to Swedish
Tamil to English | English to Tamil
Thai to English | English to Thai
Turkish to English | English to Turkish
Ukrainian to English | English to Ukrainian
Urdu to English | English to Urdu
Vietnamese to English | English to Vietnamese